About the Company

Company Profile

We listen.

Incorporated in 1997, CWT-SML Logistics launched its first owned Distribution Centre in Jebel Ali Free Zone with the focus of facilitating our customers’ growth in the MENA region. CWT-SML Logistics provides the best of its kind warehouse infrastructure, supported by efficient Third Party Logistics (3PL) solutions and the knowledge to fulfill our customer’s business needs in the region.

Backed by over 20 years of logistics track records CWT-SML Logistics is able to provide the technical expertise in the area of logistics management to help our customers meet all logistics challenges in this region. Our nimbleness, tested logistics model and state-of-the-art information system enable us to respond quickly with feasible options to our customers’ supply chain challenges in the MENA region.

CWT-SML Logistics strives to exceed our customers’ expectation through listening and understanding their business needs, customizing and managing each and every process to achieve the highest standards of service quality for our customers.

As a lead integrated logistics service provider, we work in partnership with our valued clients and partners to seek better ways of overcome all their supply chain challenges and continually striving for service excellence through our People, our Solution and our professionalism in delivering our Services.


CWT-SML Logistics LLC is a joint venture between 3 shareholders.

CWT Pte. Limited – A public-listed company in Hong Kong, a subsidiary of the HNA Group with a long history of over 50 years in logistics management and a global logistics player that manages more than 12 million square feet of warehousing space.

Toll (SCL) Limited, Singapore – A subsidiary of Toll Holdings under Japan Post, that provides integrated logistics services in the Asia Pacific region. Toll Holdings have a history of more than 125 years of logistics expertise.

Al Bwardy Investment LLC – founded in 1976 by Mr. Ali Saeed Juma Albwardy and based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, engages through its subsidiaries in the businesses of hospitality, food, trade, industry, insurance, and other sectors in the United Arab Emirates and internationally. Its businesses cover various services and products in the areas of industrial, engineering, and construction; and retail, commerce, logistics, entertainment services, fast moving consumer goods distribution, and more.

Corporate values

Customer Focus

We believe that customer is the reason why we are here and we take seriously our commitment made to all our customers. We understand that every customer has different needs and therefore all efforts are organized with the main focus of exceeding our customers’ expectation and delivering true values in facilitating the business needs of our customers, consistently and continuously.


We believe that it is not enough for our people to gain in knowledge, it is more important to facilitate our people in applying these knowledge appropriately as the company evolve. We strive to be a learning organization that focuses in providing the right platform for our people to continuously grow in knowledge, and using these knowledge to add more values to the superior products and services that we are providing to our customers.


We believe that our customers value the high service level we are providing in our work and this being the reason why most of our customers had being with us since the company started. We are not complacent, and shall continuously aim to deliver our services to our customer in the most efficient manner, at the lowest possible cost and with the shortest turnaround time.


CWT-SML Logistics believes that the consistency of our quality service and progress of a company will be achieved through:

  • Listening and understanding our customers’ needs, and formulating solutions that delivers true values in making our customer successful in their business;
  • Establishing effective and efficient processes that minimizes wastages in resources and negative impacts to our environment
  • Continuous effort in our green movement to reduce any negative impact to the environment in all aspect of our work;
  • Strict compliance to all local legal requirement of the countries we operate in.
  • Respecting basic human rights through focusing on the well-being of our people, respecting gender equality and against the use of child labor and force labor.