We believe the every customers’ needs are different. In CWT-SML Logistics, we continually demonstrate and create values to our customers through the understanding of these needs and customizing a workable yet simple methodology in managing the flows of goods efficiently and in a synchronized manner along the supply chain.

Outsourcing logistics services had being an established practice among companies worldwide for many years, and we believe that creating a synergy through outsourcing is the key of such strategy. In CWT-SML Logistics, our highly trained personnel are experienced in their field of managing the different product characteristics and armed with good local knowledge on customs and legal requirement, we are sure that we can work out something for all our customers.

Inbound Logistics

Getting products into a new country can be a nightmare for our customers. The lack of information in terms of the local customs regulation, regulatory requirements, forms to fill in, questions to answer, duties expected, etc. could potentially result in products being delayed at the port or worst, compounded by authority. With over 18,000 inbound shipments being processed through CWT-SML Logistics on yearly basis, we have the experience and expertise to help our customers navigate through this sophisticated customs procedures, and can make this inbound process more manageable for you. As an AEO member company, CWT-SML Logistics will be able to add more benefits through the prioritization of urgent shipments, reduction in post-clearance audits by customs, minimizing spot inspections and simpler documentation processes.

We believe in spending sufficient time with our customers to ensure all details are clarified prior to the arrival of the first shipment. These can include but not limited to whether the products will go into the free zone warehouse or ship direct to the buyers, Harmonized Code to use, shipping documentation and product details required, etc.

While the whole process is taking place, the customers will be provided with transparency of the full import operation process. The customers can either be updated over the phone, on our website or through emails.


When you leave your products in CWT-SML Logistics warehouse, it becomes our responsibility.

CWT-SML Logistics manages over 100,000 SQM of storage space, which include dry storage, temperature-controlled storage and open yard storage to support the regional growth of companies from various industries like Imaging Products, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, Tobacco & Liquor, Switches & Lightings, Industrial Equipment, Lubricants, Oil & Gas Equipment and Automobiles. Various storage options like racking, bins & shelving, bulk stacking, open yard, etc. are made available to meet the different storage needs of our customers.

Our Warehouse Management System provides you with the transparency of your products in storage through reports send by us. Alternatively, you may access our website for reports at real time status, anytime and anywhere. Options on customized reporting can be provided.

Key features of our WMS include but not limited to:

  • In-house developed
  • System controlled put-away based on product zonings and ABC classification of inbound cargoes
  • System controlled picking based on specific picking algorithm of products, e.g. FIFO, FEFO, serial numbers, batch code, etc.
  • System support for cycle counting
  • System generated local documentation
  • Online inventory visibility through Web, 24/7
  • Remote printing of reports
  • EDI capability with multiple platforms, e.g. SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.
  • Data Security with Mirroring Technology

In CWT-SML Logistics, you can be assured that your products are in good hands.

Outbound Logistics

In CWT-SML Logistics, we understand that the sales trend of your products can be highly unpredictable, especially during every month-end. We strive to fulfill all outbound requests that we receive and deliver them within the stipulated timeline requested to the right location, with the right products and its right quantity. This is our promise to you we strive to keep.

Be it transferring within the free zone, exporting products into the U.A.E. market and/or re-exporting to the rest of the GCC and overseas countries, CWT-SML Logistics experiences in managing outbound orders of different requirement helps in obtaining reliable and efficient results for your intended buyers.

With the possibility of establishing electronic transfers of data via EDI links, our Warehouse Management System is set to receive outbound details that allow us to activate our outbound processes without much human intervention. Pick list are generated on the basis of information being received and allocated automatically based on the algorithm set for each and every products, which can be First-In-First-Out, First-Expiry-First-Out, by Batch Code, by Serial Number, etc. Options to scan during outbound can improve both efficiency and accuracy of this picking process.

Value Added Services

We believe in creating added value to your product, legally, professionally and dependently.

In CWT-SML Logistics, we understand the importance for your products to be in compliance with the buyers’ local regulatory requirement and as such has dedicated more than 5,000 SQM of space cater for these critical activities, supported by our state-of–the-art workflow management system and manages by a team of experience personnel. By carrying these value adding services along the supply chain, we give product owners better control over production cost and inventory carrying cost. CWT-SML Logistics will perform all required additional services at every stage of the flow of goods to ensure that it meets your customers’ specific needs and/or regulatory requirement.

Value added services include but not limited to:

  • Markings / Labeling on product packaging
  • Inkjet printing on products
  • Palletization for export
  • Promotional Packing
  • Co-packing
  • Cutting / Sizing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Repackaging
  • Shrink-wrapping


With the support of our GPS-enabled Transportation Management System that provides real-time delivery information and alerts, coupled with a dedicated team of transportation professional, we aim to deliver an excellence post-sales experience to your customers through our well coordinated last mile delivery.

How can we help?

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